First School Athletics Festival in Maripí

First School Athletics Festival in Maripí

On June 19, in Maripí, the First School Athletics Festival was celebrated among students and teachers of the Zulia technical educational institution, which was supported by Esmeraldas Santa Rosa, as part of the actions of its strategic line of Education and culture.

At the end of the athletic competition, an award was given to all the competitors who stood out the most for their healthy spirit of competence and for their values ​​of companionship and mutual support.

According to Henry Sanchez, Social Manager of Esmeraldas Santa Rosa, the members of the technical institution Zulia is aware of the commitment of the private sector to the childhood of the municipality, as part of its responsibility with the future of the region.  

The strategic line of Education and culture of Esmeraldas Santa Rosa is focused on generating knowledge from social processes, with educational relevance and pedagogical proposals in line with the creation of alternatives for the construction of a better quality of life in the community.

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